About Robert (Bobby) E. Peeler...
Lifelong resident of Edgefield County.

Degree from Clemson University in Economics with a minor in Accounting and Secondary Education.

Graduate studies in Administration and Supervision from USC.

Taught in Edgefield County Schools from 1975 to 1980.

Married to Millicent Smoak Peeler who also worked in the
Edgefield County School System. Millicent was a teacher for
32 years before retiring. They have 2 daughters, Kara and Marie.

Elected as Probate Judge in 1990.

For the past 24 years, Judge Peeler has consistently met and
maintained the efficiency of the Probate Office as required by the
South Carolina Supreme Court.

During the past 24 years, Judge Peeler has been recognized time
and again. In 1995 he was elected as President of the South Carolina
Association of Probate Judges and most recently recognized by the
South Carolina Association of Countywide Executives for "service
and dedication to your fellow man" and "selfless work".

Has worked diligently to keep the court "user friendly".

Board member of the SC Association of Countywide Elected Executives for the past 10 years.

Manages a staff of 3 employees, each having 18 years of training/experience serving Edgefield County residents.
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Probate Judge
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About Edgefield County Probate Court...
Judge Peeler strives to maintain a Court that the public can feel comfortable accessing. He and his staff provide help and information with compassion while serving families of decedents.

Along with processing estates, the Probate Court maintains and monitors approximately $20,000,000 in Conservator/Guardianship accounts. The Probate Court has jurisdiction over protective proceedings and guardianship proceedings.

The Probate Court also has jurisdiction to hear and determine issues relating to paternity, common-law marriage, and interpretation of marital agreements in connection with estate, trust, guardianship, and
conservatorship actions pending before it, concurrent with that of the family court.

Probate Court assists in the involuntary commitment process of individuals for alcohol, drug, mental illness and mental retardation and/or tuberculosis and AIDS through preparation of sworn petitions and hearings. Judge Peeler takes this responsibility very seriously and works hard to render knowledgeable and compassionate assistance to the extent that the law allows.

This court also issues marriage licenses and maintains those records from 1911, when South Carolina first began recording them, through the present. Judge Peeler was instrumental in getting these licenses
microfilmed to preserve them for future reference.
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Please help to maintain the standard of service in the Probate Court that the citizens of this county have experienced over the past 24 years by supporting Judge Robert (Bobby) E. Peeler in the
Democratic Primary on June 10, 2014.

REMEMBER...voting in the Democratic Primary will not affect your voting privilege in the
General Election in November, 2014.